Check out some of these Frequently Asked Question! Still got more? Email joys_jems@hotmail.com for more info! 

How old do you have to be to join? We take boys and girls ages 3(potty trained) and up.

Is it expensive? No, our prices are kept low so everyone can enjoy it. We also offer low income plans on an individual basis. Fund raising is also used to keep extra expenses low!

I don't know how to twirl, can I still join? Sure! We teach you all the basic fundamentals of twirling! We teach everyone from never twirled to those that have been twirling a long time!

Is there a lot of traveling? For the most part no. We choose to compete and perform at places no more than an two hour's drive from Defiance, with the exception of Nationals. It saves on gas, time, and sanity! We think that staying close to home provides a comfort level for the students and encourages grandparents and other family members to attend and support us. This also makes our big trips that much more special!

I am in other activities, can I do both? Sure! We encourage outside activities and do our best to accommodate outside schedules.

What if I just want to do pom poms? Is that ok? Sure! We offer both classes or either or.

What does Wikipedia say about Baton Twirling? "Baton twirling is a competitive sport involving the manipulation of a balanced metal rod with the hands and body to a coordinated routine, similar to rhythmic gymnastics. A baton routine may run solo or as a team in practiced sets. Baton twirling is said to be the most complex and difficult sport on Earth."