Levels of Instruction

The goal for Joy in Learning is to make academics and learning a joyful experience for your child and your family.  New families will be invited to one of the four levels described below. We will give first priority to your child’s academic considerations over social dynamics, which will change due to incoming or outgoing students every year.
In deciding where to place your child, we consider which level will provide challenge without frustration. He or she should be able to complete the homework comfortably and relatively independently.  Students who are in classes at the appropriate level will be able to master material, experience success, and develop a sense of accomplishment.

Beyond each child’s experience, the classroom atmosphere benefits by having students who feel successful, as they then confidently contribute to classroom discussions and projects.  Classroom participation creates a positive synergy, resulting in a stimulating and engaging environment for all.

As a group, we meet for 30-60 minutes per subject once a week, giving families the flexibility to schedule the rest of the week as it best suits their educational goals. This approach allows time and opportunity to work for mastery at each level before moving on to the next without the conventional grouping of students simply by age or year.  This combination of parental control and flexibility, set within the framework of the challenging academic goals, blended resources, and weekly accountability, is the strength of the Joy in Learning program.

Brief description of the levels:

RHETORIC: Advanced reader; able to listen attentively and take notes from lectures up to an hour long; willing and able to participate in group discussions or projects; able to stay on task doing group/lab work with minimal supervision; able to complete in-depth reading, research and detailed writing assignments during the week; expected to schedule and do majority of homework independently; expected to complete homework before next class meeting. Assignments at this level require independent work, as well as interdependent project completion. All students must complete their portion of the project and assignments in order for the class as a whole to move forward. For this level, work is graded and grade reports are available using Engrade.com.

LOGIC: Accomplished reader, able to listen attentively to an instructor for lessons up to 45 minutes long; considerable reading; research and intermediate writing assignments during the week; participate in group discussions and projects in class; work with some supervision at home.  All homework assignments are expected to be completed. For this level, work is graded and grade reports are available using Engrade.com; progress is reviewed before considering advancement to Rhetoric.

GRAMMAR: Independent reader; able to listen attentively to an instructor for lessons around 30 minutes long; moderate homework and reading assignments during the week; group projects in class; work with some assistance or supervision at home.

EARLY GRAMMAR: Pre-reader/early reader; able to participate cooperatively in group activities or projects in class for a full day; minimal take-home work that needs parental assistance. Parents of students in this level are required to be in the building during the school day.