In 2014-15, we will be in Year 2 of our four-year learning cycle.  Students at all levels complete both individual and group projects and presentations in multiple subjects throughout the year.  Many classes offer occasional in-class quizzes to help develop and enhance test taking skills.  Many families use the Joy in Learning curriculum as their main focus of study.  Math is studied conceptually, and foreign language is not covered, but many families share their experiences and offer support for these subjects.

Students from all levels work together on end of semester projects.  Examples of activities include Madrigal Dinner, World Feast, Invention Fair, Science Fair, Debate, and Mock Trial (all the way to the Supreme Court!).  The Logic and Rhetoric level students will do 1-2 mock trials, debates, or presentations each year, as well.



(2009-2010, 2013-2014)


(2010-2011, 2014-2015)






Writing Lab (including Institute for Excellence in Writing curriculum), Grammar, Wordly Wise 

Institute for Excellence in Writing, Wordly Wise 

Institute for Excellence in Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Wordly Wise  

Institute for Excellence in Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Wordly Wise 

(Rhetoric: 1.5 hours ACT/SAT Test Prep - English, Reading, Writing, Science, Math)


Chemistry - all levels, including a weekly lab

(Logic:  Historical Connections in Math, Computer programming, and AppInventor)

(Grammar: Scratch)

Physics - all levels, including a weekly lab

Computer Science - Grammar, Logic & Rhetoric levels

Earth Science 

(Rhetoric: 1 hour, including some lab)


(Rhetoric: 1.5 hours, including weekly lab)

Math concepts


Ancient World

Medieval & Renaissance World

Current Events

Modern World

United States


Current Events 

Philosophy (Harvard Course - Rhetoric, Picture Book Philosophy - Grammar & Logic)

Mystery Class

World Geography 

Mystery Class 

World Geography 

Mystery Class 

United States GeographyU.S. Constitution & Civics, Mock Trials


Ancient World Literature

(Rhetoric: also Movies as Literature)

Medieval & Renaissance World Literature 

Modern World Literature 

American Literature 


Arts Appreciation, Greek play production and performance, Create a restaurant! (Grammar Level), knitting, etiquette, square dancing, multicultural presentations 

Musical Rhythms, Folk Songs, Madrigals, Art Appreciation, Shakespeare play production 

Art Journaling, papier mache, pastels, sketching, portraits, quilling, Zentangle

American Art, folk songs


Schedules do not allow for class time for the following topics but JiL can provide lesson plans and support during the week.  

Computer Programming: Methodology, Introduction to Logic, Economics, Critical Thinking, Psychology, Art History

In addition to providing students experience with classroom quizzes and tests, JiL includes standardized test prep strategies for students, especially those at the Logic and Rhetoric levels.