Sample Work


Below are examples of Joy in Learning students' work, in various subjects and levels:
  • Science:  After studying Newton's Laws in Physics during the fall semester, the Grammar class was asked to write a short paragraph describing the laws.  This was an assignment done in class during the spring semester with no assistance or prior review.  
  • Writing: These are examples of publications the class worked on together.
  • Computer Science:  The Grammar class has been learning how to program in Scratch. To view each project, click on the link, then the green flag at the top of the opened page.
    • In this project students were asked to create a movie based on the historical figure Henry the Eighth who we studied about in history.
    • In this project each student had to choose three places where their character will go and some game like activity that the character will do there.
    • In this project the students were asked to complete the code for creating a simulation of projectile motion.
    • Below are some of the final projects of the semester:
  • Literature:
  • Math:



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