About Us

  • Dee Chapman (Co-founder, 2009; Instructor) - Dee and her husband Bill have 6 children, 5 of whom span three levels of the co-op.  Their oldest daughter will be completing her sophomore year at the University of Illinois in spring 2014, studying computer science, math and psychology.  She also will be interning with a major tech company in Cupertino, CA during the summer 2014.  Their next two oldest children take dual-credit courses at Parkland, in addition to attending JiL Rhetoric classes.  Dee's family started homeschooling in 2005 after having sent 3 of their oldest children to a private school in Champaign, IL from 1999-2005.  The Chapman family spends time in sports and dancing with the Champaign Urbana Ballet.  Their oldest son will be attending an intensive with San Francisco Ballet this summer.  Dee has degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois, and enjoys teaching math and science, and learning along with the children in other subjects. Her husband, Bill, is a senior research scientist at U of I, focused on climate processes and climate change in the polar regions. He also teaches several courses at the University, has previously taught Earth Science at JiL, and has a climate consulting company.  Dee’s personal passions include planning and developing curriculum, jogging, reading to her kids, and attending all of her children's activities and events.  She also works part time as an online content creator for a major text book publisher.  Dee's homeschooling goal is to create lifelong learners who are happy, curious, thoughtful, brave, and motivated to follow their interests and passions.
  • Naomi Young (Co-founder, 2009; Instructor) - Naomi and her husband David have two children who have always been home schooled.  Their son is studying fine art at Parkland College.  He enjoys working with computers, playing piano, reading science fiction, listening to electronica, and holds a third degree black belt and Instructor certification from HMD Tae Kwon Do in Savoy.  Their daughter attends the JiL Rhetoric class and is a dual-credit student at Parkland College.  She has studied ballet for ten years at the Royal Academy of Dance and dances part of each year with the Champaign Urbana Ballet. She is a docent at Krannert Art Museum and enjoys reading, art, chemistry, and fashion.  Naomi has a B.A. in theology with minors in French and business and has taught history, literature, English, French, and IEW writing.  She has enjoyed home schooling immensely and appreciates having been able to share many experiences together with her children.  
  • Jennifer McCoy (Member, 2010; Instructor) - Jennifer and her husband Darren have been homeschooling their four children for seven years. Kiera is 7 and will be in the Pre-Grammar Class; Connor is 10 and will join the Logic Class. Their two oldest, Meaghan and Nate, currently attend Mahomet High School. The McCoys homeschool for many reasons. One reason is so that they can incorporate their Catholic faith directly into their daily education. They also love learning in all sorts of places and in all sorts of ways. They feel their children benefit greatly from learning in small group settings or one-on-one. They educate mostly using the Classical Method and encourage the use of "real" books as often as they can. Outside of schooling, they spend a lot of their time doing different activities and observing siblings doing theirs. As a family, they enjoy camping, hiking and swimming! Jennifer has her major in Biology from the U of I. She is also a Cub Scout leader and a Religious Education Instructor at church. They love the homeschooling journey and are looking forward to their family being a part of JiL again next year.