The London adult ADHD support group 

Coffee shop where our meetings are held

New members welcome! 


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The meeting:

 We  meet on the first Tuesday of the month from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Costa Coffee in Argyll Street, round the corner from Oxford Circus tube station. Here's a map.  Our meetings are  friendly and loosely structured. We exchange information,   talk about issues related to adult ADHD, and have a good time.  All meetings are confidential, no judgements are made, and no issues are too delicate.  For more details you can either email  us at or you may be able to speak to us on the telephone on 020 3185 2070. On the day of the meeting ONLY you can try 07905 230 235 - on other days use the first number.

The meeting is free, (although the coffee shop owners probably would like you to buy something). It is a convenient location and you can walk in and out with anonymous impunity and we sit at a cost table at the back where we can speak freely. The is is sign saying "ADHD" on the table so you don't have to ask around. Well, there has been a sign every time so far except once, when we forgot to bring it. Luckily one member who is adept at origami, fashioned the letters A, D, H and another D out of pages from her notebook.

Adults with or without a diagnosis, as well as spouses, partners, and friends are welcome.


In between meetings, or if you are not in London, take a look at our the national web site for adults with ADHD:

 There is a forum where you can ask just about anything - so don't hesitate to do so!


 And, more specifically, if you are in or near Bristol, have a look at the site of the Bristol ADHD adults.

 There is also a group in Harrow / Pinner that meet on the SECOND Monday of each month. Here is their site:  Adult ADHD Suport Harrow

They're really nice (almost as nice as us people at the Central London group!)  although you may like to contact them first to be sure of date and time as it sometimes moves. No charge to go, tea & coffee provided (donation welcome, but don't worry, no one checks!)

There's also on on a Sunday morning Chiswick / Brentford way. It costs £10 to go to but brunch is included (no, we've never been sure what that means either!) 

West London group

A new group is starting in Edgware, Middlesex (very north London) run by ADDISS the ADHD charity. You can phone them in office hours or e-mail them here

There are meetings in Scotland and proposed ones in Eastbourne and a number of other places. There is discussion / information here.

Hope to see you soon!