University of Massachusetts Medical School 


Location: Worcester, MA, USA

Phone: (508) 856-4314

Email: joyeeta.mitra@umassmed.edu

Degree: Ph.D. (2006), University of Houston, TX, USA

Research Interests :  PET/SPECT/CT Image Processing, Image Reconstruction, 3D Geometry, Motion Estimation and Correction, Biomedical Signal Processing, Multi-resolution filtering,  Learning algorithms (Support Vector, Neural networks)

Research Experience : Data-driven motion estimation. Sparse reconstruction in multi-pinhole SPECT.  Analytical and iterative algorithms for SPECT fan-beam geometry, modeling attenuation, scatter, and collimator blurring effects. Extracting motion components (respiratory, body motion) from marker tracking signals. Automated detection of seizure in scalp-EEG signals. Details >>