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Materiality and tactility are the key elements within my artistic practice. They form the bases of all my work as well as my work method: thinking while doing. This way of working keeps the shapes that are created associative to work with for me as a maker, as well as for the viewer to view.
I repeat the shapes that arise from my work method multiple times and with them I build my work. Most of these works will be turned into site appropriate installations in which material, shape, color and structure are being determined by a location. Sometimes I choose to make a work that suits the location, sometimes I choose to seek a contrast.
This way of working keeps every installation unique, even when a work is being installed for a second time in a different location; the location and its surroundings will influence the structure of the work (see Porcelain Field & Porcelain Field II).
Since 2016 I am also researching the physical relation of the viewer and my installation by letting them walk past or into the installations (see In a world of Whipped Cream).

Besides these installations I make 2D work in my studio that is made out of remains of work processes in the series What Remains and am I exploring stamp works.

Through my blog you can follow my work- and thinking process.