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Mountain Rain

Written by Joyce Smith August 6, 2004 

Soft at first

Hushed little pitter patters on the roof

They come like a whisper,

Slowly, quietly as Fall's proof.

More forcefully they come

Feel the coolness in the air

See the moisture on the leaves;

Falling, falling without a care.

Now dripping from the eves

Smell the sweetness pure and clean

Twirling, twirling everywhere,

Leaving behind Nature's sheen.

Slowly the sun peeks through the trees

They're soft little pitter patters once again

Drip, drip, drip; it falls off the leaves,

Stopping as quietly as it began.

(all rights reserved)



Me at a writing conference in Provo, Utah


As a child on the family farm  I wrote some plays that my two older brothers, older sister put on in our barn for the neighbor kids.

Through the years I have  developed a love of writing poetry as well and have written many poems, several of which have been published.

 Other than my family experiences, I've taken writing, 
poetry and painting classes in college. (My grandmother was a poet and belonged to several poet societies also.) 

I now belong to the American Night Writers Association (ANWA), which gives me great support and critiques.  

Being an avid reader; I've also gained a love of  reading aloud to  children, adding emphasis to the story lines, and bringing the characters to life.  This love of reading has brought with it a love of writing.  

While living in Oregon, I was asked to write a play for our Relief Society and wrote and directed said play about Emma Smith and the starting of the Relief Society organization for its centennial celebration. 

When living in California for a few years, I decided to try my hand at writing children's books and wrote a series of "Chubby" adventures among others. 

My husband, our children and I retired to Eastern Oregon after 20 years in the Air Force. During my sojourn there I went to college and took writing & poetry classes among others and started writing a novel. The children are married & we now live in Arizona.

That original novel has turned into two, with the  encouragement of my husband, family and ANWA writing groups. 

My Novels:

"Just Another Player" - (a novel in progress)
 "The Tall Stranger" - (sequal - novel in progress)


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Who likes going to the lake? Albert and Snuffy that’s who! 
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