Pictures I've taken

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These are some pictures that I've taken that I like:


Giant along the road     -       Hidden Beauty


   Tiff - Laughing Grand-daughter       -          Father and Son (My son & Grand-son)


Some Photo's that I took while on vacation 

(my camera had the date messed up on it so ignore those dates)  -

 Grand-kids in TX - Jan 23, 2009:

                    Happy Sisters            -                 Birthday Surprise           -           Baby's 1st Micky D's???


The beach at Lincoln City, Oregon - Feb 3, 2009:

 Sea Lions basking in the sun       


Portland Oregon Temple - Feb 4, 2009:


Views from our yard on a stormy day - Feb 9, 2009:


                                     Papago Park, Arizona - 2012


Arizona Sky August 2013
    <Haboob rolling in.