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Love is an action word; if you love someone - take action and show them that you do, so you won't forget it & neither will they! ~ Joyce Smith

    Dabbling in a lot of different things I think makes me more rounded or grounded (as not rotund); a new one I've just started slowly working on (I mean turtle pace here) is Sudoku. I also like Word search, Yahtzee and connect Four. I have been known to dabble in photography and I crochet, knit and do most hand crafts as a side from the ones mentioned on my other pages here. You know the saying: "dabble in a lot - master of none" or something like that... well that's me in a nutshell.

    I think friends are Gods gift to women. Without good friends to stand by us we're basically alone... so I cherish mine. I've met and become friends with quite a few throughout the US, but Linda and Erma have been the stalwarts I've known and been best friends with since we were in Jr High... awesome friends! Great women!

    But I've also discovered friends have no age boundries. I became friends and Best Pen Pals Ever with Chilly about four or so years ago. She's an awesome person in her own right... Yes, she is younger than me by a long shot but she keeps me laughing and we have had fun talking about doing cartwheels all over town from swimming pool to swimming pool and doing great feats of miraculous endevours. I keep track of her now on her Blog because we both have become extremely busy.

Kasey is in my Ward at Church and she is also an awesome woman and just seeing her across the room seems to make me warm inside and grounds me when I'm feeling down. She's also a great woman. 

Bette K, saved my sanity when we lived in Alaska and I was surprised with the birth of identical twin daughters. She came over and helped me fold mounds of diapers and taught me how to mix baby food in a bottle. I was thus able to hold one cherished daughter while the other ate from a bottle then I took turns with the one being held & fed attention equally. Bette is someone I owe a debt of gratitude to that I will never be able to repay!
So many friends have touched my life and made me a better person from knowing them throughout the years.  I don't have time or space to mention all of my friends here but will pop one or two in now and again...


Some of my photos that I think are cool:

 Erma & Linda in Pine, AZ                -     (lower)Multinomah Falls, OR


 Multinomah Falls, Oregon             -            Inn at Otter Rock, OR


   Deception Pass, WA                       -    "In bloom" Saguaro Cacti, AZ

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LDS Marital Relationship Advice: 

       "Day to day acts of service creates chords of love which can not be broken."  ~Marvin J. Ashton  


~This Month's Thought~

If What you are doing isn't working...

Why do more of it?


~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow~

"For Time will teach thee soon the truth, There are no birds in last year's nest!" 


In adversity there is always opportunity.


~Ralph Waldo Emerson~     

 "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year...   

Finish every day, and be done with it. You have done what you could."      



The Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.  ~Chinese proverb~

"Just TRUST God and start walking!" ~Joyce Smith


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