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 Places I've Lived:

     We've lived numerous places - from my origins in Tempe, AZ;

to Mesa, AZ when in 8th grade;

I married and moved to Chandler, AZ; 

then off to  Anchorage, Alaska; and Spokane, WA;

next adventure was to Torrejon, Spain;

three years later, to Eastern Oregon;

then off to El Centro, California (where my Uncle said I lived a mile from Hell); 

after that - back to Arizona again. 


I've had many fun, exciting, and treasured events along my life's trail.

     In the many years of my experiences, I've learned a few things... One is this:

     "You should NEVER try on bathing suits on your birthday UNLESS you are a size six or smaller - of which I most certainly am not!"


 You don't have to be in the Olympics to be a good sport!

Joyce P. Smith

Welcome to my corner - I'm happy you found my site
and hope you enjoy your stay.

 I'm one of those people whom has weird things happen to them... In fact I've decided that's one of my greatest talents!  There aren't many people who have such cool and not so cool things constantly happening to them - well maybe a few, my kids are starting to have this curse. You know, the one that always gets the bent fork (I got it last night); the bone in the boneless meat; the nut shell in the candy; the one that gets hurt in unimaginable ways; like getting my toe stuck in the vacuum when I wasn't even vacuuming the floor, blood spurting everywhere - yep that's me! My family are constantly laughing and saying, "What happened this time?"

Normally a quiet, shy person I have a weird sense of humor (I think I inherited this from my dad). A lot of people don't see the humorous side of me - but a few that have gotten to know me have been victim of my humor... like Donna being given a little green tree-frog in her salad at girls camp, FUNNY...

I love to read. I currently own large bookcases my husband built me that are full of close to a thousand volumes. Is it any wonder I decided to try my hand at writing? I'm currently writing two novels, and eleven children's books. I have a notebook full of poems I've written over the years, several of which have been published. I've also written and directed a play that was put on by our Church Ward when we lived in Oregon and have co-authored a song with my daughter.
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