Dancin Shamrocks

Dancing group--Joyce & Mike and Line Dancers entertain at various Healthcare Facilities.
2017 is the 14th year!


Tues Sept 19th
Merrill Gardens
2115 S. Winchester Blvd, Campbell

Tues Oct 17th
Courtyard Care
340 Northlake Dr SJ

Tues Nov 14th
Live Oak Adult Daycare
20920 McClellan Rd Cupt
11:00 AM

Tues Dec 12th
Saratoga Adultcare
19655 Allendale Ave Saratoga

Tues Jan 16th
Alzheimer's Daycare
2380 Enborg Lane, SJ

Tues Feb 18th
Belmont Village - Santana Row


Playlist May 2017

Yes Sir That's My Baby
Rock Around the Clock
American Kids
Come Dance With Me
Yankee Doodle Dandy
Happy Dance
Hello Dolly
Bottle It Up
All My Ex's
Frankie Fever
Gypsy Queen
Beer For My Horses
Blackpool By The Sea

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DancinShamrocks Christmas 2016

Dancin Shamrocks Sept 2016

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Dancin Shamrocks at Manor Care - April 2016

Dancin Shamrocks at Courtyard Care - March 2016

Dancin at Saratoga Adult Care Oct 2014
Joyce, Patrice, Judy, Claire, Maria, Janis
Arlette, Jenny, Lucia, Mike

Dancin at Saratoga Adult Daycare
November 2013
Mike, Joyce, Lucia, Jenny, Patrice
Janis, Sue, Judy, Maria, Claire

Dancin at Skyline - April 2013
Mike,Janis,Claire,Marilynne, Marylyn, Patrice, Janice, Elaine, Doug, Joyce
Dancin at Palm Villa (Tom Rhoads) 2013
Dancing at Los Gatos Meadows
Skyline Appearance
December 2011:

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