Classical Dance - Ehasas 2011 Review

posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:51 PM by Arpan Performing Arts   [ updated Sep 15, 2011, 6:58 PM by Joyce Paul Siamak ]
By Prof P. V. Balakrishnan

The citizens of the Pacific Northwest in general and the greater Seattle Community in particular are fortunate to have Dr. Joyce Paul Poursabahian in our midst.
Dr. Joyce Paul is the Director of Arpan one of the premier Bharatanatyam dance schools in the Pacific Northwest. Fondly called “Joyce akka” (meaning elder sister in classical Tamil) to her legions of enthusiastic dance students she is the paragon of patience and charm balanced with rigor and outstanding artistry.
Recently I had the privilege of attending a program that her dance school put on at the Meany Ethnic Theatre on the campus of the University of Washington. The evening’s performance was also an occasion for a fund raiser for young destitute women around the world. The spirit of charity was invoked even before the spotlights were turned on by her talented and versatile students. The program was called Ehasas 2011 and many of her most highly trained students put on a show that thrilled and captivated the audience. Dr. Joyce Paul’s Bharatanatyam dancers are not only well trained in the classical form of the dance, they are also inculcated with a deep love for the ancient form. They seem to view it as a privilege to be able to be a generational link in long chain of human history that has preserved the elegance, grace, athleticism, mysticism and intricacy of such a magnificent corpus for mankind to cherish.

Mallari by the Badmaash Takitas

Photo Courtesy - Siamak Poursabahian