Background & Training



  1. Received training in Bharatanatyam, under the tutelage of Padmashree Leela Samson (1986-1994).
  2. Learnt under the guidance of Smt. Chitra Chandrashekhar Dasarathy and Manjari Chandrashekhar. (1994-2000)
  3. Received three months training from Prof. M. R. Krishnamoorthy of Kalakshetra Foundation at Kalakshiti, Bangalore (Sept‑Nov 1994).
  4. Spent a few months under the tutelage of Prof. J. A. Janardhanan, at Kalakshetra, Madras (Feb‑July 1994).
  5. Basic Ballet course at Bellevue Community College, April 2001.


  1. Hosted and attended workshop with Prof. C.V. Chandrasekhar, Padma Vibhushan recipient, August 2011
  2. Workshop with Uma Anand Dandayudhapani Pillai, May 2010
  3. Workshop with Smt Bragha Brassel at Rangoli Foundation, August 2009
  4. Hosted and attended workshop in Bharatanatyam by Dr. Seshadri Iyengar, August 2008
  5. Hosted and attended workshop in Mohiniyattam by Dr. Kalamandalam Radhika, August 2007
  6. Kalakshetra batch of 95 alumni meet-cum-workshop, Los Angeles, July 2005
  7. Workshop in Mohiniyattam by Dr. Kalamandalam Radhika, April 2005.
  8. Workshop on using Kathak in Modern dance by Akram Khan 2000
  9. Attended a modern dance workshop conducted by Jaan Freeman, artistic director of the Freeman Repertory Dance Company. June 2000
  10. Attended a 15-day dance workshop at GANDHARVA MAHA VIDYALAYA, led by Jolsana Menon, Kalakshetra, Madras, (1‑15 Oct, 1993).
  11. Attended a 10-day workshop with Prof. C. V. Chandrashekhar, 1993.
  12. Attended Smt. Kanak Rele's workshop on “Rasa Theory in Natyashastra", September 1991.

Teaching Experience:

Bharatanatyam lessons:

  1. Teaching at ARPAN, Redmond, WA, (2002-Present)
  2. Guest Speaker - UW educational outreach for Dance, Sept - Nov 2008
  3. Teaching Kaikottikali at Redmond, WA (June-Sept 2001)
  4. Assisted teaching (Bharatanatyam classes) at Kalashram Trust, New Delhi, founded and directed by renowned Kathak exponent Pandit Birju Maharaj. Sept-Dec 2000
  5. Teacher at GANDHARVA MAHAVIDYALAYA for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced batches, 1992‑93.
  6. Private Bharatanatyam classes, 1990‑1992 and 1996-97 (India)


  1. Talk and workshop on "Health tips for Bharatanatyam dancers" at the "From within school", Issaquah, WA - Sept 2005.
  2. 4-day workshop "Contemporary approach to teaching an age old art form" at the Sadhana School of Music, Bellevue, WA - August 2004.
  3. Taught a Bharatanatyam workshop at the NorthWest FolkLife Festival, Seattle Center, WA - May 2003.
  4. Taught a Bharatanatyam workshop at Bellevue Community College, WA - May 2001


  1. Arpan Arangetram, July 2011
  2. Utsav October 2009
  3. Kala Prayanam, NWFL, Seattle, WA, May 2005.
  4. Nattuvangam and danced at the PPI fund-raiser, WA March 2003.
  5. Janamashtami celebrations at ISCKON, Issaquah, WA. August 2001.
  6. Complete margam by Deepika Nagaraj 7th YUVAMAHOTSAV, Sapru House, Sahitya Kala Parishad, New Delhi. 12 February 1992.
  7. Complete margam by Deepika Nagaraj at SHANKARA MATH, New Delhi. 05 September 1992.
  8. Complete margam at Triveni Chamber Theatre, New Delhi. 04 November 1992.
  9. Complete margam for GANDHARVA MAHAVIDYALAYA Annual Day, Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi. 04 March 1993.
  10. Complete margam by Archita Mehta and Swagata Sen at the SUR SINGAR festival, Bombay. 21 May 1993.
  11. Complete margam by Archita Mehta and Swagata Sen at the INDIA INTERNATIONAL CENTRE, New Delhi. 03 November 1993.
  12. Complete margam by Archita Mehta and Swagata Sen at the HARIDAS SAMMELAN, Bombay. 30 December 1993.


  1. PhD thesis titled “Physique and Fitness among Bharatanatyam dancers with Special Emphasis on Dance related injuries.””
  2. "Dance injuries among Bharatanatyam dancers." – Indian Anthropologist, (1998) 28:2, 21-33.
  3. Dance Critic article for Statesman.
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