Who wrote The Quest?

The Quest team

The Quest is co-authored by Joycelin Dawes, Janice Dolley and Ike Isaksen

Joycelin Dawes
is Co-Author, Editor and Chair of the writing team. Joycelin is an experienced writer, educator and facilitator on contemporary spirituality. She has a background in political and economic research, in education as a teacher, parent and school governor and in voluntary work. Joycelin is a trustee of Friends Provident Foundation and an Associate Tutor on discernment at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre 

Janice Dolley
is a Co-Author with a particular interest in education and networking . She worked as a lecturer and Senior Training Officer at the Open University from 1971 until she retired in 2000. Co-author of Christian Evolution: Moving Towards a Global Spirituality. 

Ike Isaksen is a Co-Author. He is a freelance writer, consultant and sole partner of Highland Theatre Arts. He worked for the Findhorn Foundation from 1973-1993 and was co-focaliser of the Education Area at the Foundation 1997-1999. He is currently living and working in Colombia and seeking opportunities to develop The Quest there.

Joycelin, Janice and Ike were assisted in the writing by a team including Vivienne Seabright, Penelope Hobman, Paul Maiteny and Gillian Pasckes Bell.  Throughout the project we were generously and ably helped by our Administrator - Judith Berry