Our Partners

The Quest was written as an independent venture but our work has been supported by a number of partners in different ways. Use the links on this page to visit their websites.

Findhorn Foundation
The Findhorn Foundation is the educational and organisational centre of the world-famous Findhorn Community, founded by Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclean in 1962. It is a major international centre of spiritual education and personal transformation located in north-east Scotland and offering a variety of ways for people to visit, live or work. The Findhorn Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations and is represented at briefing sessions at UN Headquarters. The Quest was written with the help of a loan from the Foundation.

Findhorn Foundation College
The Quest is an autonomous project within the Findhorn Foundation College. The college mission is to promote excellence in holistic education, defined as integrating and balancing development of mind, body, emotions, spirit and relationships. As far as possible, the College seeks to include all five of these factors in each of their courses, and to balance them over the College programme as a whole. The College aspires to open, critical and discriminating exploration of all beliefs, values, theories and perceptions.

O Books

O Books published the revised version of The Quest...Exploring  A Sense Of Soul worldwide in March 2005. The aim of O Books is to publish books that explore different spiritual traditions in some depth and to promote an understanding of the many forms of spirituality (or even of organised religion) which help us connect with our need for meaning and work in our daily lives and relationships. The name O Books was chosen because O is a symbol of the world, of oneness and unity. In different cultures it also means the “eye”, symbolising knowledge and insight, and in Old English it means “place of love or home.”