The Quest

by Joycelin Dawes, Janice Dolley and Ike Isaksen
A unique guide to the spiritual journey designed to help you find your own answers
"The most practical, non-partisan and comprehensive guide to the spiritual journey I have come across"
 Our lives are directed, either consciously or unconsciously, by our most fundamental beliefs and values. But where did those beliefs and values come from?
Up until now, most of us who grew up in the West have had only two choices - either accept the beliefs and values of the faith and culture we were brought up in, or reject that faith and search for another one that reflects more clearly our own sense of soul.
Now The Quest opens up another path. It does not tell you what to think or believe. Instead, it gives you some very powerful tools to re-examine, re-appraise and rebuild your most fundamental beliefs and values and then re-integrate them into your life. It does not reject the established faiths but offers you the chance to explore and validate your own sense of spiritual authority and expression.
Widely acclaimed for its excellence as a unique and thorough grounding in the spiritual search, The Quest is now in use worldwide by individuals, people working in small groups, in the community, in churches, in colleges and universities..
 "So well written, constructed and presented, The Quest will enhance and deepen your spiritual life, and empower you to make positive changes... It is a lifelong companion on the spiritual path and an outstanding achievement; it is a labour of love, created with love to bring more love into our world." Susanna Michaelis, Caduceus magazine
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 "There is so much to this book. Its deep and yet simplistic. You can choose to read it front to back or open it at any page and find treasures within.
If you are serious about your spirituality this is the book for you. If you aren't sure, this book is for you. It doesn't get any better than this!"

The Quest
is helping me have solid ways of bringing the Sacred consistently back into my life.
V S Victoria, Australia
The Quest does a wonderful job of being open, stressing the importance of finding your own answers and your own definition of spirituality.
C M Moray, UK
What I appreciate most about The Quest is the humour and lightness of touch combined with a depth of practical material and further opportunities for exploration. It provides a focus to help me examine and develop my own individual spiritual awareness and an opportunity to share that journey with others.
D H Hampshire, UK
The Quest looks to equip us with tools to bring about inner harmony and wholeness . . .
D M Leicestershire, UK
Every time I pick up The Quest I am amazed at how good it is and how much material is there. Thank you.
GH, Hertfordshire, UK