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The Neural Networks Bookshelf

Books currently available in IT302:

The Philosophical

  • How to build a mind, by Igor Aleksander, Weidenfeld and Nicolson
  • Synaptic Self, by Joseph LeDoux, Macmillan
  • How brains think, by William H. Calvin, Weidenfeld and Nicolson
  • Mapping the Mind, by Rita Carter, Phoenix
  • The Private Life of the Brain, by Susan Greenfield, Penguin Books
  • Phantoms in the Brain, by Ramachandran and Blakeslee, Fourth Estate
  • The Brain, Dorling Kindersley
  • The mechanism of mind, by Edward DeBono
  • Circuits of the mind, by Leslie G. Valient, Oxford University Press
  • Creation: The mind and how to make it, by Steve Grand, the creator of the popular game creatures
  • Emergence, by Steven Johnson, Penguin books
  • The Emperor's New Mind, by Roger Penrose, Vintage Science
  • Shadows of the Mind, by Roger Penrose, Vintage Science
  • The making of memory: from molecules to mind, by Steven Rose, Bantam Books
  • Infinity and the Mind: The science and Philosophy of the Infinite, by Rudy Rucker, Penguin Books

The Background(NN, hardware and Neuroscience Stuff)

  • An introduction to Neural and Electronic Networks, by Zortener, Davis, Lau, and McKenna, Academic Press
  • Neural Computing: an Introduction, by R Beale and T Jackson, Institute of Physics Publishing, Bristol and Philadelphia
  • An introduction to Neural Computing, by Igor Alexander and Helen Morton, International Thomson Computer Press
  • Artificial Neural Networks for Speech Analysis/Synthesis by Mazin G. Rahim, Chapman and Hall
  • Analog VLSI Implementation of Neural Systems, by Mead and Ismael, Kluwer Electronic Publishers.
  • Analog VLSI and Neural Systems, by Carver Mead, Addison Wesley
  • Applying neural Networks, a practical guide, by Kevin Swingler, Morgan Kaufman Publishers Inc.
  • The Brain, a Neuroscience Primer, by Richard F. Thompson, W.H. Freeman and Company
  • Principles of Asynchronous Circuit Design, by Jens Sparso and Steve Furber, Kluwer Academic Publishers
  • ARM System Architecture, by Steve Furber, Addison Wesley
  • Artificial Neural Networks for Speech Analysis/Synthesis, by Mazin G. Rahim, Chapman and Hall

The Really Useful

  • Pulsed Neural Networks, by Wolfgang Maass and Christopher M. Bishop, MIT Press
  • Sparse Distributed Memory, by Pentti Kanerva, MIT Press
  • Neural Networks and Brain Function, by Edmund T. Rolls and Alessandro Treves, Oxford University Press
  • Spiking Neuron Models: Single Neurons, Populations, Plasticity, by Wulfram Gerstner and Werner M. Kistler, Cambridge University Press
  • Spikes: Exploring the Neural Code, MIT Press

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