Favourite comics: King FeaturesCalvin & HobbesDilbert and PhD Comics.

Some addictive games: Multris (tetris) and 3d Pong.

Project Gutenberg and Philosophy encyclopedia

Wikipedia and Scholaropedia (wiki style encyclopedia of computational neuroscience)

Favourite News sites:  

Times of India,  


CNN ,  

Onion (satire),



Political cartoons 


Tech news: Slashdot 

Search blogs: technorati

Open Source Software projects: Sourceforge.net , Freshmeat.net

SUSE Linux : CentOS.org

Solaris projects: Opensolaris.org  and blastwave.org

Find Linux RPMs: rpmfind.net and http://rpm.pbone.net/ (or use YUM)

Websites I have made: http://multifaithmanchester.googlepages.com

http://www.geocities.com/joyboseroy/index_yahoo_old.html My Old Website 

Files of chanting and daily practice and churches page and articles page

My Blogs 

http://joyboseroy.wordpress.com Wordpress

http://gunabhadra.spaces.live.com Windows Live Spaces 

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My latest CV (updated to August 2017), PDF CV (June 2017), CV with no contact information (updated to Oct 12)

Awards and responsibilities so far Covering Letter

My Academic CV(updated to May 08)

MyITProfile and Careers Website

My Bachelors Degree Transcript (JPG File) and transcript as a PDF file (263 kb) and smaller pdf file (109 kb)

PhD certificate (JPG file) 

High School Marksheet (10th Standard, GCSE equiv), and High School Certificate , Intermediate (12th standard, A level equiv) marksheetand Intermediate Certificate 

ORS Award , CS Departmental Scholarship

Transitive P45 and CS Lab tutor contract and P60 

BEng Degree : detailed modules results

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