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I graduated on 10 July 2007 but my ceremony was on 11 December at 4:45 pm in Manchester University Whitworth Hall. Matt and Sam from my research group APT also graduated along with me. My internal examiner Gavin and Jim Miles lecturer from CS1211 lab where I demonstrated (part of CS platform party), Chaplains John and Terry, my friends Irene, Chandra, Cathleen, Philip were all there at my graduation. Before graduation I went to a reception organised by my CS department where I met former colleagues Basab, Shufan, Charlie, Andrew, Lilian, Doug, and others from my research group. Afterwards I went for 2 meals with different groups of friends including Enrique, James, Cathleen, Clarence, Chandra, Irene, Yoji, John, Kevin, and others. A bit sad that I couldnt invite my parents because there was no time to book their tickets and visas and passports.