Gemma Canal

Vic. 1970

Gemma Canal has studied Industrial Design at the Escola Massana (Barcelona). She has worked in diferents projects of design and props. In 2007 she began her jewelry studies with Jaime Diaz (Taller de Joyeria, Barcelona). In 2009 she worked with Kristin Hanson (New York). She has participated in several workshops with Stephano Marchetti, Silvia Walz, Judy MacCaig, Stéphanie Barvié and Pilar Cotter. IN 2012 She studied “Design and technics for artistic jewelry and artistic, a specialization course of UAB, in Massana Permanent (Barcelona).

Since 2012 Gemma is part of the contemporary jewelery project "Joyas Sensacionales" cordinated by Silvia Walz (Taller Perill, Barcelona), whith whom has exposed in: Instituto Cervantes (Schmuck 2015 München, Germany), Context Gallery (Sant Cugat) melting point (Valencia), Danger room (Barcelona), Labor in Chor (Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany) and Aram espai de joies (Palma de Mallorca)

Older Works

A propósito 2015

Coordinates 1 - Remors