Coordinates 2016

Remor - Poligón negre- D’un verd àrid

Three places, three coordinates were chosen to go more deeply into the topic.
A quiet beach, an oil refinery and Costa i Llovera cactus garden in Barcelona were the places where the artists in Joyas Sensacionales strolled about.
Three groups develop three different projects and 4 months later, each is presented in Sala Perill in another colour. 
We have the shades of blue that make us feel the sea, we can almost smell it, we can hear the waves, see the night, taste the salt water and we are not surprised the title is “Remor” (Rumor).
Then come the hues of black and we can’t help thinking in tar, we see masks, we are almost short of air; luckily in the last minute they gave up the idea of using real smoke in the opening but the snacks on the table were all black. Definitely, we feel we are in a “Polígon Negre” (Black oil refinery).
And at last, flourish the greens, Sala Perill turns into an arid garden, all kinds of cactus, thorns all over but not everything is green or cactus, they are talking about “D’un verd àrid” (An arid green.)
I hope we have all grown wiser with the three colourful coordinates and may enjoy this little catalogue that remains as a witness.

Silvia Walz
April 2016