Carme Roher

Mataró 1962

1983-86 -Studies jewelry at the Massana School.

1986-88 -Studies jewelry Ramon Puig Cuyàs at the Escola Massana. -Graduada In

applied arts, specializing in jewelry Exchange.

1988-89 -Course Ramon Puig Whose perfection.

2011 -Form part of the "Joyas sensational" coordinated by Silvia Walz.


1987-2011: Participates in group exhibitions in galleries, prizes jewelery in Barcelona,

also in European and USA cities. Among others: Jürgen Gestaltend, Munich;

International Prize Massana Jewelry; Schmuckszene 90, Munich; 9 Catalonian Jewell,

Southeasern Massachusetts; International Exhibition of Contemporary Jewellers

"Jewels Indissenyables" Barcelona; Schmuckszene 94, Munich; "An Intimate Art"

exhibition of Contemporary Jewellers, Mollet Valles; Laboratory Jewellery Museum of

Decorative Arts, Barcelona; The Ring, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

2011-2015: Participation in group exhibitions "Joyas sensational" in Barcelona,

Mallorca, Valencia, Madrid, Schwäbish Gmund, Munich 2015: Gdansk Amber biennale

Permanent work at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Barcelona

Older works Carme Roher

A propósito Carme Roher 2015

Coordinates 2/ 2016