A propósito 2015

“A propósito o apropósito”: On Purpose or purposely
Both forms are possible and have completely different meanings. “Apropósito” written in a single word, in Spanish refers to a “short theatre play”. On the other hand, “on purpose” is an adverbial phrase which can be used in different ways: to indicate that something has been done with a certain intention, in a voluntarily or deliberately manner or it may also have an adjectival character with the meaning of “proper, adequate or appropriate “.
The project “A propósito”, developed in the last 8 months, might be described in both ways.
Nowadays, the group “Joyas Sensacionales” is formed by 15 jewellers. On this occasion, after 7 years sharing the same subject at a time, they have worked in small groups of 3 or 4 to develop an exhibition concept and present it at Sala Perill together with a guest artist.
The result is exciting and fascinating. With each of the exhibitions, Sala Perill turns into a new stage. Jewellers, sculptors and poets play like actors in short theatrical plays and their works become adverbial phrases.
In “On purpose 1” the stage looks like a living-room, all kinds of drawers, treasures pulled out from personal homes, fill up the space to show their work in a common context . “Yo te cuento, tú me miras”. The four jewellers display their intimate jewellery in open boxes while the small sculptures by Isabel Banal find their way among them.
Blanca Llum is the main character in the first scene of “A propósito 2” reciting her poems also present on walls and headphones. The room looks like a huge poetry book blending words and jewels. Each artist is “Clavant la llengua” in their own way.
The third act “A propósito 3” takes us to the air, where we may either get lost or find ourselves. “On ets?” ask the four artists while their jewelry pieces and
sculptures smoothly swing suspended from the ceiling.
If by chance we had not found ourselves yet, the last scene “A propósito 4” may help us with its “Cartografías Paralelas”. The room is turned into a huge map, where pieces of jewellery and sculpture are connected in a path with no end, but probably if we follow the lines we might find something “proper or appropriate for us”.
This small catalogue wants to be a witness of the 4 purposes, for those who have seen the four plays and for those who have missed them.
Silvia Walz
June 2015
A propósito 1
A propósito 2
A propósito 4