Algebra Everyday Class Expectations


A successful year in mathematics will require that we work together.  Your active participation is essential.  On this sheet you will find important information about your math class:  my expectations, your responsibilities, as well as helpful suggestions to help you to do your best this year in math.  Keep this sheet in the front of your notebook to refer back to during the year.

Student Responsibilities

  • Attend class every day and be on time.  If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to obtain make-up work. Unexcused absences and tardies will result in disciplinary action, and under these circumstances, no make-up will be allowed.
  • Be prepared for class.  You must have your notebook, a pencil, the previous night’s homework and a willing attitude with you every day.  Calculators are not necessary all the time but would be good to have within reach.
  • Contribute to a cooperative learning experience.  Mathematics should not be learned in isolation.  Actively participating in discussions and activities, either as an entire class or within small groups, will allow others to learn from you, and you from them.
  • Complete all assignments to the best of your ability.  Practice is essential for learning mathematics, and it is important that you arrive to class each day having taken the time to attempt every homework problem. 
  • Seek extra help when necessary.  Asking questions is important!  Use your classmates as resources, or ask me for help.



 Quarter grades will be calculated using the following percentages.

  • Tests, Quizzes, 90%
  • Daily Comps 10%

Classroom Expectations


    • Binder – Your binder should be a three-ring binder with dividers. Each of us is an individual so how you organize you binder is up to you. Each quarter you will have 2 to 4 binder quizzes to test whether your binder is organized. Some suggestions to help organize your binder: Each day of class notes should begin with a date and title. In class worksheets should also be dated and kept with that days notes. Practice should be dated and kept in chronological order with all problems answered and corrected if necessary.
    • Practice (assignments) – Practice will be assigned and collected daily. If you do not have the homework or it is incomplete it will be noted when reported. If you are absent due to illness, the assignment will be checked the day after you return to school, unless extenuating circumstances exist. 
    •  Technology/Blog – Technology assignments will have students using websites and programs to complete and created tasks pertaining to skills and topics we are covering in class. Some examples are: posting to your blog, contributing to a wiki, creating a podcast, completing a survey, creating a Scratch program, and gathering data through internet searches.
    • Extra Help – If you need extra help, it is your responsibility to arrange a time in advance with me before school, or after school when we can both meet.  Don’t wait until you are in over your head before you ask for help.  Sometimes the biggest of problems can be cured with a simple 10 minute fix.  Extra help needs to be arranged at least one day in advance or else I might not be available. Bring your binder with you when coming for extra help.
    • Daily Comps  – Daily Comps are short 4 question quizzes given at the start of each day that cover material and skills previously covered in class. Each daily comp is worth 10 points.