Journey Testimonials

The Testimonials page showcase's what past Journey Candidates have to say about their Journey.

Zoe - Journey 57:
Journey has most definitely changed my life in so many ways. It has allowed for me to grow deeper in my faith and develop a closer relationship to God. Sometimes being a teenager can make it very hard to make time for God. Journey taught me that there will always be time for God even if it can only be a few minutes a day. Journey has given me the confidence to be myself in any situation no matter what. I would be a completely different person if I wasn't introduced to Journey. Even if anyone has doubts about going on the weekend it's worth it to take the chance and go. I have met so many amazing friends through the Journey Retreat Program and I would not change anything about my experience. Journey changed my life and I know that, if given the chance, it can have an impact on anyone as well.
Kyle - Journey 59:
For me, Journey was one of the best experiences of my life. It taught me a lot about myself that I didn't know, and a lot about God. Journey opens so many doors that lead to knowledge, love and friendships. One friendship that I know I will never lose is my friendship with God. Journey helped me to realize that He is always there for me. I also learned that love isn’t something that should be private, reserved for a select few. Love is something to be shared. Journey taught me how to love everyone. The four days I spent on Journey changed me. I am now part of a community based on love and the Lord. I encourage you to come on Journey and see what I am talking about.
Anna - Journey 58:
I knew barely anything about Journey before I went on the weekend, and I had no idea what to expect. I thought I might have a fun time with a few of my friends that were going and maybe learn a thing or two, but Journey was so much more than that. I learned so much about myself as well as about God and it strengthened my faith a lot. I now know that God is always there for me no matter what and I can always talk to him. I learned how to be a leader and embrace the qualities that make me who I am. Journey also gave me a loving, supporting community. No matter what I know they will always accept me. The Journey Retreat is an experience like no other and I am so glad I made the decision to go.
Cadie - Journey 62:
To say that Journey changed my life is an understatement. It improved every aspect of my life. Before Journey I had just a couple “fake” friends. On Journey not only did I meet my best friends, I got an entire new family. My Journey family knows me better than anyone else. I learned that it was okay to open up and be my true self. I also made my best friend of all, God. I learned that God loves me unconditionally and that he will always be there for me. I now feel that I have people in my life that genuinely care for me, and I genuinely care for them. Even if the weekend is technically over, Journey will be with you forever.
Joe Nuqui - Journey 49:
The dictionary defines it as: undertake a journey or trip. Well your weekend will be so much more than a simple voyage. This retreat is like no other retreat and it will change you in ways you never imagined. After my journey I looked at the world in a whole new and better way. When I went to mass, church, school and even at home I saw it differently because of Journey. I was more prayerful and found myself to be more religious than ever. Through Journey I have built and strengthened my relationship and friendship with Jesus. Also through this retreat you will feel so much love and at peace with god and the people around you. And those people around you are your best friends. One thing about journeys is that you end somewhere and the journey is over. But after this weekend your Journey will start and expand like never before.
Bridget Shriner - Journey 49:
Although Journey was not the first retreat I ever went on, it was certainly the most powerful. Through my first retreat, I ‘discovered’ God for myself, and through Journey I developed a relationship with God. Friends I made on the retreat are people that I am still close with months after Journey, and even the people I rarely talked to are always there for me. Journey is not just a retreat, it is a community of other individuals who are strong in their faith. This community allowed me to explore my faith and myself, develop new ways of thinking, and gave me the strength to tell people things that I would normally not have been strong enough to say. After Journey I find myself more prayerful, more caring, more open, and braver than I ever was before and all of these traits have only grown since the retreat itself through the help of fellow Journeyers.
Sean McDonald - Journey 49:
I can say that the Journey retreat changed my life for the better and made me look at the world in a whole new way. I was hesitant about going on this retreat at first because everyone said it was alot about self discovery and I was convinced that I already knew myself and did not need this retreat. Going on this weekend proved how wrong I was though. I learned so much more about myself and what I have to offer. I know now that no matter what happens in my life, God loves me and God is there for me through it all and he will make things come out how they should in the end, so I do not need to worry. God and I now have a relationship where I know I can ask him for anything and I do not have to feel guilty about it. This retreat not only gave me more insight, but it gave me some of my best friends, who I love so very much. When I got the news on my Journey that a family member had died, these amazing people that I barely knew at the time were there for me and made me feel so much better. There is nowhere else I would have rather been that moment then on the Journey Retreat. Have and amazing weekend and God bless.