What/Who Are We?

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What is Journey Of Hope?

This faith based support group's main goal is to provide support and hope for those who have a family member with a mental illness such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and others.

Find a connection with others who understand the impact and struggles related to having a family member with mental illness.

Not only will you learn more about mental illness but also about effective community resources. Learn about ways to do life and pick up the pieces when life is overwhelming.

We strive to provide hope and encouragement in a caring, confidential setting. 

Who is Journey Of Hope?

Journey of Hope was founded by people like you - 12 families struggling with mental illness. By banding together and sharing their struggles, triumphs, and coping mechanisms (including lots of laughter!), these families were able to grow and flourish despite - and sometimes because of - the challenges of dealing with one or more mental disorders. These families saw a huge need in the Rochester & Southeast MN communities for a faith-based safe place to talk about mental illness and the struggles it can cause. They obtained training from the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, and opened up the group to other families in 2008. As the group grew, they split off into more manageable sized groups, each with at least one NAMI-trained facilitator. Currently, there are five Journey Of Hope support groups meeting at Calvary EFC.

What do Journey Of Hope attendees do?

  • Listen to each other
  • Share coping strategies
  • Learn about the illnesses and disorders affecting our loved ones
  • Act as sounding board for difficult decisions
  • LAUGH!
  • Share current struggles
  • Share triumphs - especially ones that may not appear "triumphs" to a family without mental illness!
  • Pray for each other
  • Learn and practice healthy communication - something that can easily be left by the wayside when brain disorders rear their heads

How are Journey Of Hope, Calvary Evangelical Free Church, and Compassion Counseling center connected?

  • Journey Of Hope (JOH), Calvary Evangelical Free Church (CEFC), and the Compassion Counseling Center (CCC) have complimentary missions - all seek to strengthen faith and families through faith-based and science(psychology)based teaching, as well as through relationships.
  • CEFC is "home church" to JOH's founders and several of its current members. CEFC supports JOH and provides meeting places.
  • CEFC is also "home church" to several of the Compassion Counseling Center's founders. CEFC supports and provides training and "office" space for each of the CCC's 50+ layperson counselors.
  • Several current and former JOH members are involved with the CCC as counselors and support staff.
  • Both CEFC and JOH have referred people to the counseling center, and the counseling center has introduced families to JOH.