Two Ingredient Ice Cream (without a ice cream machine) - Cheesecake Brownie Ice cream

Two Ingredient Ice Cream - Cheesecake Brownie Ice cream from Journey Kitchen

Makes 2 liters


2 cups heavy cream

1 can of condensed milk 

Cheesecake brownies *

1/2 cup chopped strawberries ** 

Pistachios to garnish


* I have no idea how much cheesecake brownies I dumped into the ice cream. And I really don't think you should need a measurement on it. Just add as much as your heart wants. Plain brownies, nut brownies, cake? Anything. Here's my recipe for brownies.

** I had some strawberries around so I added those. Nothing hard and fast, add any berry you fancy or omit it all together.


Whip the cream till stiff peaks are formed.

Mix rest of the ingredients with condensed milk. Lightly fold in the cream with condensed milk.

Store in an airtight 2 liters container and freeze up to 6 hours or until firm. Garnish with pistachios.