Hi and thank you for stopping! My name is Brandi and I am an Instructional Technology TOSA in Southern California. I have created this site as a way to document and reflect on my journey into educational technology. I was a classroom teacher for 11 years, in grades 1-4 and this is my first year out of the classroom. I love engaging students in a variety of learning experiences to enhance their understanding of the content we are working on. I believe that technology provides a way for students to engage with content in a way they would not be able to without it.

    As Ian Jukes says, "We need to prepare students for their future, not our past." We as educators, need to provide our students with skills that they will use in their future jobs that don't currently exist. By integrating technology in meaningful ways, teachers can provide opportunities for students to create, collaborate, and think critically about information they are studying.

Professional Goals

Connect with me!
I love connecting with other educators! Visit my about.me page. You can also catch me on Twitter @teacherbrandi

I also have a blog dedicated to what's going on in my classroom. It's been a bit neglected recently, but I plan to continue adding detailed thoughts and reflections there. I would love for you to stop by and drop me a line: Swinging for Success.