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Creating a Blog

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Blog Ethics

Search Hints


Try these:
Online directory.
Superb site for locations, maps and satellite images.
Weblog Search. Or use Google Blogsearch.
Compare the results of the most popular search engines.
Find people in different search engines at once.
Stay up to date via email on news issues you choose yourself via keywords.
Find out who owns a site or url.

Look at an older, archived version of a site.


The BBC’s Fifteen Web Principles

Security and Anonymity

Put important applications (webbrowser, office, anti-virus, mail) on an USB-stick and use them for added security. This software can automatically save your bookmarks,documents, settings, passwords, (encrypted) mail, web-history on your stick. Take them with you securely.
Make a phone call via the internet. Encryted, and more difficult to trace than the traditional phone system. Also send files directly to someone, without using insecure e-mail.
Click here to search for and browse via a so called Open Web Proxy. Here is a Video Explaining everything. If the first search doesn't work, try this one
The best anonymity online available (at the time of writing). For an overview of how it works, look here.
Much information about blogging and anonymity. Created in 2005, so it is a bit dated.
Tutorial on, yes, how to blog safely.
Free encrypted e-mail. Hushmail doesn't defy the FBI though.

Software / Tools

Great for creating and storing your documents online. Just like webmail, only for your documents and spreadsheets. The build-in version control and collaboration tools are addictive. Alternatives: Thinkfree and Zoho.
(See above). Gizmo is a nice alternative.
(See above)
A free internet browser. Much better internet browser than Internet Explorer: more flexible, more secure, easier to use.
A free and much better and safer email client than Outlook Express. Use the Enigmail extension to encrypt your mail!

Build your own Site

Free (open source) Content Management System for all kinds of purposes: news sites, forum, etc
Free (open source), very popular Blog System. For use on your own site, or hosted at e.g. Wordpress.com.
Free (open source), very popular Community Building System.
Design a simple webpage easily online. Also used to create this page.
Very good HTML lessons, and you can try it yourself on the site!


The website of the newspaper I work for.
A great online encyclopedia. By the way: everyone can help make Wikipedia better. You too. Just get an account and try editing the pages!]
Dutch, but very useful.
Supporting Independent Media.
Dutch, very interesting.

[Tips for editing Chisinau Online]


Online photo's

  • Use Save for Web in Photoshop (it's under the FILE - menu)
  • Use JPG with Medium compression by default (but change to High compression if you don't like the result, or change to Low compression if the file size is too large).
  • Filesize of a picture: try to keep it below 30 kb
  • Width of a picture: 400pixels or less (Crop it or resize it with the ' Image Size' option in the '|Image' menu.


  • Use Categories for postings
  • Use your Blogroll / Linklist to promote other sites and blogs. And the other way around of course!


  • Read other blogs to learn
  • Use the Options to customize your blog
  • Choose a subject which you post about often
  • Help each other
  • Write often, keep it short and clean.
  • Link!