The Texas A&M Journal of Real Property Law began as the Texas Wesleyan Journal of Real Property Law.

"The Texas Wesleyan Journal of Real Property Law began as the Whiteacre group: four 2Ls, meeting in a study room, working on a proposal to the dean for second student publication.  With varying backgrounds in mass communications, cinema, and public relations, the group had broad interests.  After surveying the topics of Texas, regional, and national journals, the students found no existing niche for student-edited articles about issues affecting property owners.  The law school has many faculty members with a strong property background and wide-ranging interests, so real property was a natural choice.  After the faculty determined, approved, and created the hoops, the group jumped through them and emerged on the other side as a full-fledged Journal, still meeting in a study room, albeit officially assigned this time, with a new challenge.  The Journal’s first year was filled with drafting bylaws, both 2Ls and 3Ls writing articles, and planning the inaugural symposium.  Thanks to eager and supportive faculty, the Wildfire Law Symposium was timely, novel, and an interesting topic to introduce our publication to the legal world.  After the second annual symposium, focusing on the hotly contested and divided issue of water rights, the Journal now has the inertia to live in perpetuity, long after these lives in being." 

- Jill Smith, Inaugural Editor-in-Chief

Inaugural Board of Editors and Staff

Jill Smith 

Managing Editor
Jin Kim

 Business Editor
Jordan Veurink

 Articles Editor
Mandy Dorman

 Projects Editor
Jessica Ortiz
 Notes & Comments Editors
Paige Ammons & Kimberly Grant

Citation Editors
Adam Alexander, Carle Gause, Jonathan James, & Jason Wright

Inaugural Staff of the Texas Wesleyan Journal of Real Property Law

Adam Alexander Kyla Hand  Chris Norcross 
Paige Ammons Jonathan James Jessica Ortiz 
Mandy Dorman  Jin Kim  Deepti Sharma 
Carlyn Dulovics David Chase LanCarte A. Jill Smith 
Allison Dumas Kylie Lehman  Mary Torres 
Carlie Gause Lauren Lynn  Jordan Veurink 
Kimberly Grant Kelly Madrid  Mary Vitartas 
Lisa Grissom Lindsay Matthews Jason Wright