The Texas A&M Journal of Real Property Law is a scholarly publication dedicated to promoting
academic discussions of real property law. We explore the relationships arising from ownership, 
possession, and use of real property. Because of the inherent connectivity between real property law 
and other disciplines, we aim to provide an expanded lens to view, discuss, and understand these
complexities and to facilitate thoughtful and intelligent discourse of national, state, and local issues 
that shape the field of real property law today.

    The Journal is published biannually and is comprised of essays highlighted in our annual symposium; articles by scholars and legal practitioners; and notes and comments by students.

    It has two principle functions: to educate and foster intellectual discourse among the student 
membership, and to contribute to legal scholarship by addressing important legal and social issues. 

    Members of the Journal select, edit and publish articles and notes on the cutting edge of legal 
scholarship. Through these activities, they develop important research, editorial, administrative and 
teaching skills. Editors are trained to critically and comprehensively evaluate submissions. Through
a team-editing process, they address the work's analysis, writing style, research, organization and 
accuracy. In addition, student authors who submit notes for publication receive extensive editorial 
assistance that helps them write more clearly and persuasively.