RemakeCamp is an unconference about online media organized by

We're bringing together professional journalists and technologists in the area of online media to share insider knowledge on the most important topics of the moment. The unconference is free and will consist of 5-minute talks and an interactive panel discussion (everyone in audience is answering the same questions in real time). There are over 80 people registered now, representing Stanford, Berkeley, SFGate,, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, SF Public Press,, AllThingsD, GigaOm network, ShareThis, PBWorks,, Meehive etc.

The conference will take place on at the University of San Francisco on Sunday May 2, after the Journalism Innovations conference.  

We welcome editors, journalists, engineers, designers and managers of online media as well as service providers for them.

Topics we cover:

  • Content creation. Crowdsourcing, citizen journalism, freelance journalism, content farming, user contributed content, expert contributed content, collaborative publishing, the future of investigative journalism.
  • The role of editor. Curation, link journalism, news filtering, tastemaking and trendsetting, social news filtering, freelance and crowdsouring management, reputation systems for contributors, community management.
  • Tools. Apps and plugins for publishers, tools for reporters and writers, analytics for online media.
  • User experience. Optimizing content consumption for mobile devices, personalized news, attention profiles, reader interfaces, interactive articles, data visualization, social media integration.
  • Business. Monetization models, attracting traffic, partner programs, content exchange, creating job boards and marketplaces, paid content and paywalls.

Preliminary list of speakers

  • David Weekly (PBWorks)
  • Michael Stoll (SF Public Press)
  • Alexey Maykov (Facebook)
  • Jason Shen (Stanford Daily)
  • Siobhan Quinn (Blogger / Google)
  • Michele Gates ( /
  • Drake Martinet (AllThingsD / Stanford)
  • Edward Ortiz (Sacramento Bee)
  • Tim Schigel (ShareThis)
  • Todd Beaupre (Yahoo!)
  • Christopher Barr (Yahoo!)
  • Maxim Grinev / Maria Grineva ( // skype-in talk
  • Mark Albertson (Tech Closeup TV /
  • Nicholas Aster (
  • Alex Gronke (
  • Aimee Allison (
  • Erik Sundelof (Spot.Us)
  • Kara Andrade (Fulbright fellow, independent reporter)
  • Anu (Anirag) Nigam  (
  • Mia Lobel (B-Side Radio, Freelance Cafe)  // skyp-in talk
  • Andrew Stelzer (National Radio Project)
  • Mark Burdett (
  • Xavier Damman (Publitweet)
  • Anna Hennings (
  • Devin Banerjee (Stanford Daily)
  • Josh Sprague (
  • Brian Pobuda (Brian Pobuda Photography)
  • Paul Biggar (NewsLabs/NewsTilt)  // skype-in talk
  • Matt Baume (SF Appeal,
  • Chia Hwu (
  • Crystal C. Yan (Torque Media Group)
  • Victor Grishchenko (TU Delft)
  • Yury Lifshits (Yahoo!)
  • Your name here :)

We organize RemakeCamp to achieve several goals: (1) give everyone a good overview of what's going on in the space of online media and evolution of journalism; (2) extract and share the knowledge, learned lessons, best practices and open challenges from people's heads; (3) connect tech, editorial, and journalism communities.

We are looking for speakers (5, 10 or 20 minutes talks). Distant speakers (skype video call) are also accepted. Email Yury ( ) if you want to present.

During RemakeCamp we organize collaborative publishing experiment. Using tools like Etherpad, PBWorks and Google Wave we will create in real time a document representing our knowledge, future forecast and important challanges of media innovation.

Preliminary program:

  • 1pm-2pm - Talks
  • 2pm-3pm - "Brain Dump" panel discussion
  • 3pm-4pm - Networking
  • 4pm-6pm - Talks

Also, you can join our Facebook event page and invite your friends.