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paparazzi SIS (v1.10) (v1.10)

Paparazzi Attack

Paparazzi is a sensor game, where you have to help "Movie Star" avoid "paparazzis" as long as possible. You can do this by turning and tilting the mobile phone.

For Fellow Developers

This is an experiment how to use raw Sensor API data in game play. It's pretty usable - you don't have to turn your device 180 degrees to go from one side to another.

However movement is too jumpy and would require smoothing down. There are several possibilities how to do that.

Version History

Version 1.10, release date 2009-01-28

  • Packaged as SIS with custom icon
  • Graphics from Silk Icons
  • Works also without graphics, just in case
  • Tested with N82 (pyS60 1.4.5)

Version 1.00, release date 2008-09-05

  • Basic technical graphics, use your imagination!
  • Survival timer
  • Tested with N82 (pyS60 1.4.3)