Mazing Days

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 Download: (v1.00)

SIS Installation file (v1.00)


Installation Guidelines

SIS has to be installed on same disk drive as python interpreter: either both on Phone Memory or both on Memory Card.

I always use memory card for PyS60 interpreter installation and these app

Mazing Days

Mazing Days is a simple labyrinth or maze game. You start from top left corner and finish at bottom right corner. That's it, easy!


Just found a video in YouTube about Mazing Days, created by szajba98! Thanx!

Accelerometer Sensor

Turn device around (up / down / left / right) to change which way your dot moves.

Please note that Mazing Days has adaptive sensor support: the "zero" level is defined everytime, when you start a new maze. This allows you to have a natural playing position for example when travelling in underground, tram or even lying on your bed.

HOX: Mazing Days works in devices with and without accelerometer sensors! If you have e.g. N95, turn the device. Otherwise use joystick (arrow keys) to choose direction.

Version History

Version 1.00, release date 2008-10-31

  • First public release, finally

Old versions, not released

  • 0.5  2008-09-08 Demo for Mobile Games Innovation Challenge
  • 0.4  2008-07-13 Animation continues
  • 0.3  2008-06-02 First try with continuous animation
  • 0.2  2008-05-27 Animation at S60 Summit 2008 Barcelona
  • 0.1  2008-05-20 Started at Budapest