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PyS60 is of course python for Nokia mobile phones using Symbian OS and S60.

Python Runtime for S60

Maemo - Python for S60: Homesite for PyS60 1.9.x project, for end-users and developers. Heading for stable release 2.0.0.

SourceForge - Python for S60:  Homesite of Nokia PyS60 1.4.x project, for end-users and developers. Version 1.4.5 is the stable release.

PyS60 Software

ILe PyS60 Software: Weather, Heart Rate, Calculator, Speed Camera Alarm, Sto pWatch. His specialty is software, which speaks :)  tutorials and exercises from courses that were held at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg, Austria. Great stuff!


Tutorial for PyS60, using PyS60 1.4.3. Detailed, complete, very technical presentation. Mostly valid for 1.9.x, too, except installation of course.

PyS60 Websites - Home for PyS60 Developers: website with lots of information for developers, including Getting Started, Tutorials, Application Presentations, Talks, Blog and Discussion Forum. 

Symbian Freak - Python Applications and Games:  website section dedicated to Python applications! Happy to find the site, now I can skip over many pages on my ToDo book. However no source code available at all.