Access Point Test

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Download: (v1.00)

Access Point Test

Needed to download some files from internet, but didn't quite know how to do it. After lots of ad hoc experiments, I finally managed to get it done - mostly.

Here is minimized sample code:

  • How to ask user to select an access point
  • How to handle temporary access point selection
  • How to handle permanent access point selection
  • Some tips how to improve UI responsiveness
  • How to fetch a file from internet

Version History

Version 1.00, release date 2009-03-19

  • Initial release
  • Tested only with emulator (PyS60 1.4.5 and S60 3.1)


  1. Copy all files into same directory
  2. Run

Please note that any internet access requires NetworkServices capability. Either you have to sign Python Application Shell or SIS, whichever you use to run this script.