16 Puzzle

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Download both:

- Source code (v3.0)

- a16_pics.zip (Summer Finland 2008)

Version History

Version 3.0, release 2008-07-06

  • Animated tile movement
  • Works without separate graphics files (plain numbers)
  • Rotates 10 different graphics files (download separate package)

Version 2.3, released 2008-05-01

  •  Clean-up (pylint)

 Version 2.2, released 2008-04-04

  • Isolate sensor code for sensor only devices,
  • Profile/trace debugging

 Version 2.1, released 2008-04-02

  • Forum Nokia Code Camp: S60 Sensor API.
  • Tested in Nokia 5500 Sport and pyS60 1.3.17

 Version 2.0, released 2008-03-21

  • Ready for release

 Version 1.2, released 2008-03-20

  • Clean-up (resize, any location, faster, hint)

 Version 1.1, released 2006-09-12

  • Board size 2-9, hardcoded image support (demo)

 Version 0.1, released 2006-08-26

  • Started1.0 2006-08-27 Looks good, ready for release

Tested with pyS60 1.4.x in 5500, N93, E61i, N95 and N82.

16 Puzzle

Sam Loyd's famous "Fifteen puzzle" game for S60. The idea is to shuffle the pieces and then reorder them again from 1 to 15, leaving the empty space at bottom right corner (place of number 16).

My first "Fifteen puzzle" game was released by Nokia around 1996 in Nokia 9000 Communicator (and other following GEOS devices).

This version supports screen rotation as well as moving puzzle pieces by tilting the device. It also works perfectly in non-Sensor devices, too, by using the arrow keys.

Usage - Keyboard shortcuts:

1 - Preview the image you try to get
2 - 2x2 tiles
3 - 3x3 tiles
4 - 4x4 tiles
5 - 5x5 tiles
6 - 6x6 tiles
* - Full or Normal size display
# - Show or hide numbers
Left arrow - Move one tile leftwards
Right arrow - Move one tile rightwards
Up arrow - Move one tile upwards
Down arrow - Move one tile downwards

Summer Finland 2008

All these pictures were taken by me. You have to unzip them into same folder where "a16puzzle.py" script is placed.

Wooden toy boat
Lake Norvajärvi, Finland

Two knifes and vihta (bunch of birch tree branches for sauna)
Lake Norvajärvi, Finland

Summer clouds
Lake Norvajärvi, Finland

Poster at Santa Claus Village
Arctic Circle, Finland

Kullero flowers
Luusua village in Kemijärvi, Finland

Saukko at Arctic Zoo
Ranua, Finland

Ice age seashore at Arctic Zoo
Ranua, Finland

Raindeer at Arctic Zoo
Ranua, Finland

Lake Oulujärvi surface
Manamansalo, Finland

Crow landing at Valamo monastery
Heinävesi, Finland