JOM Software 


My Applications:

Nixie Watch 1.30

Sensor Analyzer 2.00 

Sweet Memories 1.00

KameraMation 1.10

Kredit Exchange 1.10

Watch Me - Light Touch 1.20

Paparazzi 1.10

Jomtris 1.60

Mazing Days 1.00

Unity 2.20

Rol-a-Bol 2.00

16 Puzzle 3.00

Watch Me - Light Now 1.20

Count Down 1.00

My Sample Code:

Touch Stick 1.10

View MBM 1.30

Timer Sample  1.20

FlagIcon48 1.00

Multi-Selection Listbox 1.10

Font Test 1.20 

Access Point Test 1.00

Localization Test 1.00

List-of-Lists Test 1.00

Sensor Sample 2.00

Random Test 1.00

Nixie Watch: Emulate Nixie Tube Watch with your mobile phone. Good old-time nostalgia with latest high-tech mobile phone.  

Jomtris: "Tetris" kind of game. Simple, but addictive casual gaming. Works also in landscape mode.

Mazing Days: Fun motion controlled labyrinth or maze game. You start from top left corner and finish at bottom right corner. Works also with keyboard, in non-accelerometer sensor devices. 


Kredit Exchange: Traveller's utility, focusing entirely into quick currency conversion. Supports 34 currencies, works offline.


I've always written software, mostly for the fun of design and coding. Can't help it, my head is full of ideas. I also need to make releases, this website is but my latest online appearance.

Release early and release often, that is my policy.  Lists at left side shows the latest releases top-down ordered.

Some older stuff you can look at Jomnius.

Currently I'm focusing on new PyS60 2.0.0, but some apps support the good old reliable Python 1.4.5 for S60, too.

I use mainly Nokia N97 mini (S60 5th Edition), but also occasionally Nokia N82 (S60 3.1). Happy to tell that most Nokia devices are compatible backwards, forwards and sideways.

I'm honoured to tell that I'm a Forum Nokia Champion 2008-2009 and 2009-2010.

Blogs I'm Blogging:

Croozeus, where I write about python related things

JOM - Observations On Mobile, where I write about generic things.

JOM - Observations on Mobile

Other Pages on this Site

How to install and use my software:

  • Install python runtime for S60 5th and 3rd FP2 devices from PyS60 2.0.0 from Maemo Garage (download page
  • Install python runtime for older S60 devices from PyS60 1.4.5 from SourceForge (download page
  • Beware that some SIS files are only for PyS60 2.0.0 and don't work with PyS60 1.4.5 (and vice versa).
  • SIS files are normal standard Symbian application installation files. Use for example Nokia Ovi Suite to install them.
  • Download python script file(s) into "C:\python" (phone) or "E:\python" (memory card) folder. Occasionally scripts have to be on same disk where you installed python. I use only memory card.
  • If there are any additionaly support files, for example graphics, put them in same folder as the script.
  • Open "Python" in your phone, select Options menu and  "Run script" menu item, scroll down or up until you find the script file and press "OK" button.
  • In general my apps work as-is, unless otherwise said.

Hope you enjoy!