Run Tools To Fix Issue with Internet explore 6
  • Secured web site                                                                     
  • Re-Register IE DLL files                                                           
  • IE-Reconstruct                                                                        
  • IE Open With                                                                          
  • Install IE6                                                                              
  • Reinstalling IE                                                                        
  • Empty Temp IE Files on Exit                                                      
  • Repair Loss of Access/Certain Web Sites                                    
  • Restore Internet Options                                                         
  • Restore All Tabs under Internet Options                                    
  • Clear IE cache                                                                        
  • WinXP Script Error                                                                             Script Error
  • IE as encountered a problem - urlmon.dll                                            Module Name: urlmon.dll
  • Uninstall Tool bar for IE                                                                     Uninstall Tool Bar
  • Reset Winsock Fix                                                                            Winsock Fix
  • Search Toolbar Uninstaller                                                                 Toolbar Uninstaller 
  • Access web sites (Proxy)                                                                    Use Proxy
  • Content Advisor                                                                                Click to Remove

 Issue with Internet explorer 7

  • Block Interent explorer 7 from updates                                               Click To Install or Click Here
  • Register DLL files IE7                                                                        Click to Register
  • IE opens a blank screen                                                                    IE Blank 
  • IE Frame error                                                                                  Before IE FRAME
  • IE7 Links erron when trying to open outlook                                         Links Do Not Open In Outlook
  • Is there any any issue with Mailto                                                       Mailto
  • Uninstall IE7 using uninstall tool                                                         Click To uninstall
    IE7 Installation Issue (Kb:917925)                                                     Click to Run      
    IE7 Settings TAB Missing internet option (Kb: 928849)                          Click to fix
    Blank Web Page (KB:945385)                                                            Click To fix 
    Restore My Active Desktop for XP | on IE7 (Kb: 929200)                       Click to fix            


 Issue with Internet explorer 8

  • Uninstall IE8 for windows XP                                                               Click to install 
  • Block IE8 for windows XP & VISTA                                                        Click To Download  | Click to Direct run
  • Reset Internet explorer settings                                                         Click to Run
  • Secured web sites (Kb: 813444)                                                         Click to Run
  • Internet No add-ons fix (Kb: 976915)                                                 Click to install
  • IE missing on the desktop (Kb:945402)                                              Click to Fix 
  • Fix Runtime Errors IE (Kb: 822521)                                                     Click To fix
  • IE8Installation Issue (Kb: 949220)                                                     Click To fix    
  • Configure IE Removed Malicious Software (Kb: 895339)                        Click to Fix
  • Connectivity Issue with IE (Kb: 936211)                                              Click To fix    
  • Standard toolbar in IE 7 & 8 (Kb:930645)                                            Click To fix
  • Configure IE to Download more two files (Kb: 282402)                          Click to fix
  • Menu bar and the toolbar are missing IE (Kb: 962963)                         Click to fix 
  • Upgrade IE7 hyperlinks do not work (Kb: 929867)                                Click To fix
  • New window opens Office document IE7 & IE8 (Kb: 927009)                   Click to fix
  • MS09-054: Cumulative security update for IE Kb: 974455)                    Click To Fix
  • Optimize Internet Explorer (Kb: 936213)                                             Click To Fix
  • New window opened IE blank page Opens (Kb: 902932)                        Click To fix
  • Outlook does not honor created IE RSS Feeds (Kb: 956647)                  Click to fix
  • The Windows Search or script errors uninstall Norton (Kb: 913503)          Click to fix
  • MMC cannot open the file devmgmt.msc (Kb: 941231)                          Click to fix
  • Check for updates Error 0X800A138F (Kb: 326253)                               Click to Fix
  • Application errors run Xmlinst.exe on production servers (Kb: 278636)    Click to fix   

Run Tools To Fix Issue with Flash 

  • Flash Error DLL Fix                                                                            Fix Flash error
  • Repair Flash                                                                                    Click to install
  • Flash Player Active X                                                                         Click Install
  • Java Runtime Environment                                                     Click To Install


Issue with internet explorer: An Internal Error occurred

This is a common error that we come across when trying to get the ip address.The following article gives the resolution to fix this problem.
ISSUE:  ipconfig reports the following error:

Error: “An internal error occurred. The request is not supported; please contact Microsoft product support services for further help, unable to quire the host name”

Reason: Host name mismatch in the registry, Corrupt winsock, Issues with security softwares

Perform system restore and check is you still have the same problem. steps below

1. Check the registry

There should be a String Value, named "Hostname" under the following key:


The data for "Hostname" should be the hostname of the computer.

The computer should then be restarted to restart the DHCP client service.
2. Disable the security programs installed on the computer

3. Uninstall  and reinstall the network adaptor

4. Reinstall winsock, reinstall tcp/ip

5. Restart the computer (make sure the network adaptors are installed)

6. Expand the Tcpip.sys from the windows xp Disk or c:\windows\Servicepackfiles to

   The drivers folder

    Expand D:\i386\Tcpip.sys c:\windows\system32\drivers

Last Step:

If you still having the same problem Perform a repair install (Uninstall ie 7 is we have ie 7 before performing a repair install)

IEFix - General purpose fix for Internet Explorer

IEFix - is a general purpose repair utility for Internet Explorer which repairs Internet Explorer by registering it's core DLL files and reinstalls using the IE.INF file. More Information is given below. Suitable for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP systems.

Requires Microsoft VB6 runtimes for Windows 98/ME systems.

Download: IEFix ( Zip ~14Kb)
(IEFix v1.6) May 19, 2006

Fixes the following problems

  • When you click a hyperlink in an e-mail message or on a Web page, or right-click a hyperlink on a Web page and then click Open in New aWindow, you may experie nce one or more of the following issues:

    • Nothing happens

    • The new window may be blank

    • You may receive a scripting error message

  • When you use the Print command or the Print Preview command in Internet Explorer, nothing may happen.

  • When you try to connect to Web folders, you may receive the following error message: "The current operation could not be completed because an unexpected error has occurred."

  • Internet Options Advanced tab is completely blank.

  • Internet Explorer About box version information is completely blank.

  • Address bar search does not work.

  • Unable to type in text boxes in a search engine or website.

What IEFix does?

  • Registers the core Internet Explorer libraries.

  • Repairs Internet Explorer using IE.INF method. (Windows XP)

  • Fixes the application path setting (Windows XP)

IEFix Usage

  1. Download IEFix and run it.

  2. Click the Apply button.

  3. You'll be prompted for the Operating System CD or the Service Pack Files location:

  • If you're using Windows XP, insert the Operating System CD. For OEM systems, point to the Operating System source path when prompted. If you've applied a Service Pack separately, you need to insert the Slipstreamed Operating System CD (if you have one) or point the installer to the ServicePack source path when prompted (see Fig 2 below). Mention the path as  "C:\Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386" or "C:\Windows\ServicePackFiles"

  • If you don't have the Windows installation CD, and if the installation source files are not present in the hard disk, you may click Cancel when you see a dialog similar to Fig 2 below. IEFix will continue with DLL registration part.

Fig 2

  • Restart Windows

Disclaimer: The software is provided "AS IS" without any warranty, either expressed or implied. The author will not be liable for any special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages due to loss of data or any other reason. 


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