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We our selfs not sure how of us working on this site but we doing what we have to get things going on the right side for those who are working on the site.


There are fixes which is been uploaded and there is a team working on new issues and which will be updated the same.

If you come across a new issue and if you have a solution or you need help to fix the issue, please send us an E-Mail about the problem and we can come out with a solution or updated the same for everybody click here.




We are not responsible for any issues caused after running any tools from the web site.


Kindly create a system restore point before executing any kind of fixes or installing any tools without knowing the result.


This web site is mainly created for windows XP and to fix issue with XP home edition & Professional.


For windows VISTA issue we are working on the site: VISTA


If in case you have any issue please free to get in touch with our team, to keep in track about the issue.


If you find any tools or steps which can fix issues and if you want to update the same on the our web site please feel free send it cross


Team Members


Anish: anish.ketty@gmail.com

Siddique: aks_5star@yahoo.com 

Jude: joula.edward@gmail.com


Let’s work on a team and fix issues with windows XP. Working on the site for Windows VISTA http://Jude4vista.googlepage.com


Admin XP Microsoft


Kindly update the same if you are having any problem with windows XP or you even want to share your estimation with our supplementary.                                                             Click Here

Any Feedback mail back @ joula.edward@gmail.com