Jouko Verho

Senior researcher, VATT Institute for Economic Research.

My research interests are in empirical labour, public and health economics.

I received my PhD in economics from University of Helsinki in 2008.

Contact information

Jouko Verho
VATT Institute for Economic Research
P.O.Box 1279
FI-00101 Helsinki
E-mail: jouko.verho -at-
Mobile phone: +358-50-360 9515

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Recent working papers

“The spike at benefit exhaustion in the Finnish labor market”, T. Kyyrä, H. Pesola, J. Verho.

VATT Working Papers 86, 2017. [paper]

Recent publications in refereed scientific journals

“Economic crises and unemployment persistence: Analysis of job losses during the Finnish recession of the 1990s”.

Economica, (fourthcoming). VATT WP

“Expanding access to administrative data: The case of tax authorities in Finland and the UK”, M. Almunia, J. Harju, K. Kotakorpi, J. Tukiainen, J. Verho.

International Tax and Public Finance, (fourthcoming). - VATT WP

“Register-based indicators for potentially inappropriate medication in high-cost patients with excessive polypharmacy”, L. Saastamoinen. J. Verho.

Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety, 2015; 24, 610–618.

“Cross-border heath and productivity effects of alcohol policies”, P. Johansson, T. Pekkarinen, J. Verho.

Journal of Health Economics 2014; 36, 125–136. - IZA WP

“Unemployment duration and the role of compositional variation: evidence from a period of economic crisis in Finland ”.

Empirical Economics 2014; 47, 35–56.

“Drug expenditure of high-cost patients and their characteristics in Finland”, L. K. Saastamoinen, J. Verho.

European Journal of Health Economics 2013; 14, 495–502.

“The effect of unemployment benefits on re-employment rates: evidence from the Finnish UI-benefit reform”, R. Uusitalo, J. Verho.

Labour Economics 2010; 17, 643–654. - IFAU WP