This issue aims to provide readers with a record of the proceedings of the first one-day colloquium organized by the Journal of the Oxford University History Society (JOUHS Colloquium 2009) entitled ‘Odd Alliances in History' which took place at Balliol College, Oxford, on 14th March 2009. The vast majority of the papers delivered on that occasion by historians of four European nations and the US are reproduced here in full.

In keeping with the core objectives of the journal, particularly that of serving as a forum of discussion and reflection for the international community of historians, we have also included a report on a motion approved by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on the subject of history teaching in conflict and post-conflict areas, three book reviews and an account of First Annual Alan Villiers Memorial Lecture on Naval History.

As an on-line, peer-reviewed journal, we aim to update this issue with the addition of more articles in the following weeks.

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Heather Ellis (Balliol College) and Graciela Iglesias Rogers (Lady Margaret Hall)

Co-Editors JOUHS

(Last updated 5 March 2011)


Table of Contents 


List of contributors  (List of Participants - Full Text)


Programme of the Colloquium 2009 ‘Odd Alliances in History’  (Full Text)


Report of the Proceedings      (Full Text) 


by Stephen Hague (Linacre College, University of Oxford)

Conference Papers:

Panel 1 :  Religion

Male and Female, Clerk and Lay: Odd Alliances in the Order of Sempringham during the Late Middle Ages
by Katherine Sykes (Harris Manchester, University of Oxford) (Abstract) 
The Alliance of Christianity and Mechanistic Philosophy in 17th-century England
by Sveinbjorn Thordarson (University of Iceland/University of Edinburgh) (Abstract) (Full Text)

Religious Millenarians and Secular Radicals: An Alliance for a New World in early 1830s England

by Philip Lockley (New College, University of Oxford )    (Abstract)

Panel 2:  Politics, Diplomacy and War
Procopius, Belisarius and the Goths 
by Christopher Lillington-Martin (University of Exeter) (Abstract) (Full Text)  

An Odd Alliance: William Beresford and Don João, Prince and King of Portugal


by Professor Fernando Dore Costa (Instituto Superior de Ciencias do Trabalho e da Empresa, Lisbon) (Full Text)

The Odd at Odds: British Spies and US Attorneys versus a Conspiracy of German Junkers,  Indian Revolutionaries, 
and Irish Republicans during WWI
by Matthew E. Plowman (Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa) (Abstract) (Full Text)
The Cross-Party Network against the Wilson Government’s Support of the Federal Military Regime in the
Nigerian Civil War
by Lasse Heerten (University of Oxford/Freie Universität Berlin) (Abstract) (Full Text)
Panel 3 :  Empire and Social Policies
The Alliance of ‘Fanaticism’ and ‘Avarice’ in Descriptions of the New World during the 18th Century
by Tyler Griffith (University of Aberdeen) (Abstract) (Full Text)

'Those that are well off do have the natives as Slaves’: Humanitarian Compromises with Slavery in Sierra Leone

and Liberia, 1825-1848

by Bronwen Everill (King’s College, London) (Abstract) (Full Text)
Jingoists and Quakers: Supporters of an Oxfordshire 'Colony'
by Chris Sladen (Christ Church, University of Oxford) (Abstract) (Full Text)


The JOUHS Interview:

History teaching in conflict and post-conflict areas

‘Sometimes, textbooks need to be locked in the cupboard’

Says Cecilia Keaveney, author of a motion approved unanimously by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe urging heads of government and scholars to abandon single interpretation of events and exclusive reliance on political history. 

Report by Graciela Iglesias Rogers, co-editor JOUHS  (Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford (Full Text)


Book Reviews:

. G.R. Evans, The University of Oxford, a new history (London, 2010), ISBN-10: 1848851146, hardback, RRP £35.

Reviewed by Chris Sladen (Ruskin Public History Group)         (Full Text)

. Gordon Wood, Empire of Liberty: a history of the early Republic, 1788-1815 (Oxford, 2009), ISBN-10: 0195039149,

hardcover, RRP £25.

Reviewed by Tom Cutterham (St. Hugh's College, University of Oxford)     (Full Text)

. Agustín Coletes Blanco, Literary Allusion in Johnson’s Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland (Glasgow, 2009).

ISBN 1845300602, RRP £12.95.

Reviewed by Clark Colahan
(Anderson Professor of Humanities,Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington) (Full Text)
The First Annual Alan Villiers Memorial Lecture:

‘Naval Power and the World Question:

geopolitics, technology and the rise of the West’

by Professor Jeremy Black  
(29 September 2010, St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford)

Report by Justin Reay FSA (St. Bede's Hall, Oxford)    (Full Text)