When JotSpot was purchased by Google, the JotSpot team had to make significant architectural changes to re-release on Google's infrastructure. There were a number of benefits that came from this change.


  • Unprecedented scalability and availability
  • Significant improvements in performance
  • Unlimited pages for no cost
  • When used with Google Apps
    • Unlimited wiki creation
    • Significant increases in free storage
  • Improvements in wysiwyg editing
  • Improvements in ease of use
  • Tight integration with a product suite which includes enterprise class calendars, spreadsheets, video hosting, presentations, and documents
  • Internationalization support (38 languages)
  • Improved configuration over the site and page layout


There are parts of JotSpot which Google Sites does not yet support. These include:
  • Code execution, forms, and developer extensions
  • Page level permissions
  • Applications from the application gallery like bug reporter
  • It will not be possible to migrate Family Site or Class Reunion Site

How does the migration work?

Note: this migration is only available to JotSpot wiki customers. Unfortunately this migration is not available for Family Site or Class Reunion site customers.

JotSpot wikis are migrated into an already created site in Google Sites. You can create the destination site under http://sites.google.com, or within a Google Apps domain. The destination site will be erased and replaced with the migrated content, so please don't pick a site that already contains content that you would like to preserve.

Once you have created your site, you can request your wiki be migrated via Site settings. Click the Site settings button and then Other stuff. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Import your JotSpot wiki into this site. You will see a form like the one below (note the form below is just an image and you cannot enter anything here).
Fill out the form and submit your request for verification. We will process your request soon thereafter.

Your JotSpot wiki will not be taken down or disabled during the migration or right after. It will be shut down 2 weeks after the migration completed, but no later than January 15, 2009.

Am I required to migrate my content to Google Sites?

No, migrating your content to Sites is just an option we provide. JotSpot wikis can be exported to both XML and HTML for import into other products. We will be shutting down the JotSpot product and datacenter January 15th, 2009. If you would like your wiki shut down before then, please fill out this form.

How do I get help?

Please read the FAQ for frequently asked questions. If your question is not covered in the FAQ, please email jot-migration-support @ google.com.

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