Theme: Climate C3

Climate Change Challenge C3

World Scouting's communication theme for this year is environment, given our work and the worldwide focus on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference (COP 15) in Copenhagen 7 - 18 December. Therefore the "C3" is an excellent opportunity to show to the world the efforts of millions of Scouts to protect the environment and take positive action against climate change. JOTA is a real testimony to the international dimension of Scouting, where young people not only learn about new technologies, they can understand that there are millions of Scouts all over the world sharing the same vision: creating a better world!

The radio and Internet discussions that will take place during the JOTA will contribute to enhancing the participants' awareness of environmental issues. The educational tools will be based on the content of the World Scout Environment Programme and a special kit for JOTA is currently under development.

Already available topics that can be used related to your JOTA programme:
natural disasters
prepare for distasters of any kind
alternate energy for your JOTA station
the carbon footprint

For this year we are promoting "green" JOTA radio stations. During the celebrations of the centenary of Scouting in 2007, a JOTA radio station was set up on Brownsea Island, running fully on solar, wind and human energy. In order to complete the Climate Change Challenge ("C3") a JOTA participant should:

  1. 1) Help your JOTA radio station to become a "green" radio station. Is your radio station environmentally friendly? Can you reduce the carbon footprint of the radio station?
  2. 2) Discuss with 2 different people from 2 different countries about what actions can you do to reduce your environmental footprint
  3. 3) Learn about an environmental problem found close to the JOTA radio station and write down a possible action to improve the situation.

When the points above are completed the JOTA participant will receive the certificate produced by WOSM.

SCENES Centres and JOTA.

Scout Centres of Excellence for Nature and Environment (SCENES) Centres have seen a recent revitalisation with the launching of the SCENES Network and SCENES Guidelines. There is potential to engage SCENES Centres with JOTA by encouraging SCENES Centres to host a JOTA station and to explore ways in which we can showcase the SCENES Centres over the weekend as examples of places that Scouts can go to for exploring nature and the environment. There are currently 9 SCENES Centres in 7 countries and there is a lot of interest from other Scout Centres throughout the world to also become SCENES Centres. JOTA can help to strengthen the awareness of SCENES and the SCENES Centres could provide the examples of 'Green Stations'.