Registration and Weblogs

52nd Jamboree On The Air / 13th Jamboree On The Internet

17-18 October 2009



Please register your Group's participation in JOTA and JOTI at a global facility set up by the team at with support of the Radio Scouting team and ScoutLink.


  • Access to the Contact Database so you can search for people to contact.
  • JOTA-JOTI Validation Cards.
  • Participation Certificates.
  • Weblog – make your own JOTA-JOTI weblog to share your experience with others (intended for Groups, not individuals).
  • email addresses are available for the JOTA-JOTI weekend. This safety feature saves you having to give out your personal email address.
  • Every Scout/Group registering get their JOTA-JOTI DB "user name" as a registered nickname on ScoutLink IRC servers. When connecting with their "user name", they have to identify at ScoutLink nickserv with the same password they used at JOTA-JOTI DB.
  • If you already have a ScoutLink nickname it will be available to you at the JOTA-JOTI registration – you can use your ScoutLink nick and password to register.
  • JOTA-JOTI Contacts on Google Earth
  • JOTA Logbook available for download complete with participating stations database.
  • Select location of station from map. (A lot of scouts do not know how to get the latitude/longitude of their station. Click the "Select location from map" link during registration and an additional window with a map will be displayed. With a simple mouse click the latitude/longitude will then be entered.)
  • Scouts Australia can use the registration numbers for reporting on JOTA-JOTI.


Visit and follow the instructions. If you are already registered with ScoutLink, you still have to register at JOTA-JOTI, but you use your SL nickname and password – it has been reserved for you. Registration opens a few weeks before JOTA-JOTI.


JOTA participants can register their JOTA station at the database. Registered JOTA stations will be exported into a stand-alone JOTA Radio Logbook program for Windows which has been specially designed for JOTA. When you enter a JOTA call sign it will give you the Group name and the location. It shows the location of the station and your station on a map, including the distance.

** IMPORTANT ** JOTA participants must register their station EARLY to be in the JOTA Radio Logbook database.


If your State/Regional JOTA-JOTI arrangements require registration or log-sheet reporting, please comply with those arrangements as well. Look out for newsletters, announcements and website changes for this information.


The weblog is available to everyone who registers at as a Group. Your Weblog shows the world how good your JOTA-JOTI activity was, so do make an effort to fill in as much of the log as you can.

Tips on making your weblog:

  • Have your pictures ready. Make sure they aren’t too big (there is an 8MB total limit, so downsize your photos before you upload them).
  • Have your station information to hand, including numbers attended and contacts made.
  • Complete every section of the weblog - there is a set of buttons on the left for each section.
  • DO THE PERSONAL INFORMATION LAST - IF YOU DO IT FIRST IT WON’T BE SAVED. Funny way to do it, but that's how it is.