6th APR AIJ 2010

 Host : Malaysia (2010)
The Asia-Pacific Region of WOSM is pleased to introduce the 6th Asia Pacific Regional Air-Internet Jamboree, following the success since the first Jamboree in 2004.
Persekutuan Pengakap Malaysia (PPM) will host this year’s event on 7-8 August 2010.

The Air-Internet Jamboree is a regional event in which Scouts can contact each other by means of amateur radio and through the Internet. Having a live conversation with a fellow Scout in some ther place in the world gives the same excitement like having a normal Jamboree on the land minus the normal expenses. Just like the normal Jamboree, the Air-Internet Jamboree is also an event during which Scouting experiences are exchanged and ideas are shared. It’s a great and unique opportunity for Scouts of all age ranges to communicate with each other as if they are nearby when in actual fact they are all in their own countries. Indeed, Radio Scouting eliminates the distances and fosters a closer relationship of the worldwide Scouting movement.

1) Venue : Scout HQ, Jalan Batu Lintang, Kuching, Sarawak
Station Callsign: 9M8ST
Station Master: 9M8ST
Station Manager: 9W8CKC

Participants will be given an Event badge and a certificate upon completion of the event. Officially kick off at 2:00p.m. on 07/08/2010 and end at 12:00p.m. on 08/08/2010.
Participants in a group of 10 shall choose any time slot in between and to confirm with ADC Johnny Chai on the undertaking with the payment. Limited stock of badges and certificates.

Kuching Echolink stations :  9W8DAN, 9W8CSI, 9W8JIT
Sibu Echolink stations         :  9W8SIR

2) 9M4SJI  -   SMK Tenang Stesen Segamat Johor8 p6 s" G, k/ O7 A  g
     9M4SJF  -   SMK Semerah Batu Pahat Johor+ q. D3 W7 b9 x* ~
     9M4SJJ  -   Padang Awam Sedenak SK Sedenak Kulaijaya Kulai Johor; F  c3 ~/ {6 b/ w- {; q4 N
     9M4SJU -   SMk Sungai Abong Muar Johor9 u9 A8 _( [& }. `' }' c3 v# _$ M2 }