3rd APR AIJ 2006

Host Country : Japan (2006)

The Asia-Pacific Region of WOSM has announced to held 3rd Asia Pacific Air-Internet Jamboree, after the success of the first Jamboree in 2004 and the Second Jamboree in 2005.Scout Association of Japan is hosting this year’s event. The Air-Internet Jamboree is a Regional event in which Scouts can contact each other by amateur radio and the internet. It’s the excitement of having a live conversation with a fellow Scout at some other place in the world that attracts so many to this event. The Air-Internet Jamboree is a real Jamboree during which Scouting experiences are exchanged and ideas are shared. It’s a unique opportunity for Scouts in all age ranges to discover that they belong to a worldwide scouting movement.

The Amateur Radio Club of the Scout Association of Japan has licensed their two new radio call signs for the 3rd Asia-Pacific Air Internet Jamboree in 2006 and the 100th anniversary celebration of World Scouting in 2007: During the 3rd APA Jam, 8J100S will be operated at the 14th Nippon Jamboree site, Suzu-city, Ishikawa Prefecture, and 8J1S will be operated at National Headquarters of the Scout Association of Japan, Nitaka-city, Tokyo.