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"I read this book once called The Storytelling Animal, in which it explained how storytelling is central to our existance. We’ve told stories since the beginning of our times, from the very first humans. That’s certainly been true throughout my life. My grandma would sermon me with cautionary tales, and my school friends gossiped about who did what. My mentors would share their life experience with me to help give insight into a problem, and some history books I read would teach me about how people from years ago thought. Stories are a tool we use to communicate, to see the world through other eyes, to experience events and emotions that you normally wouldn’t be able to. They open this amazing doorway for empathy that helps us be, well, people! In my music, I strive to help ease the journey through that doorway."

Video Game Music Con - Puerto Rico

Co-Founder and Creative Director

The first convention held in Puerto Rico entirely focused around music for video games. This 2-day event will have composer Tom Salta (PUBG, Deathloop) talking about his approach, as well as multiple local organizations from the island's video game industry.

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Soundtrack Release

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the movie Rémora.

Available in all music streaming platforms.

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Esmeralda - Short Film

Original Soundtrack and Trailer

Directed by Jennifer Greco

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Valor & Sacrifice - Short Film

Original Soundtrack

Directed by Emilio Miguel Torres

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